Looking for a speaker who will earn you raves?

Jake Poore inspires action. But more than just that, he possesses the expertise, practical knowledge and real-world application to teach you how to fish… And that brings real results in your organization.

Jake is a leader in customer service excellence, inspiring countless audiences with his vision for world-class service. He is a thought-leader, an inspiration and a catalyst for change for organizations who want to raise the bar on their customer service.

And Jake doesn’t do just that… he does his homework on your group or organization. He will customize his presentation around your needs and desired outcomes to ensure they are met.

Popular Speech Topics

Improve Patient Experiences
Customer Service
Employee Engagement

He’s a winner! If we had the opportunity to utilize his talents again, we’d be glad to do so.– JoAnn Shaw, Vice President & Chief Learning Officer, BJC Healthcare

Jake is the only speaker we’ve had to earn a perfect 5.0 rating from all our members; and we’ve had over 60 presenters at 19 Leadership Development Institutes over the past 5 years.– David Crouch, Former Chief Learning Officer, Blue Ridge Healthcare

Jake’s knowledge of OUR [organization] is impressive! Really brings information home and relevant!– Great Leader Strategies attendee

There are storytellers who come in, and you think, oh, that’s a sad story, but they leave and you say, so what? Jake Poore has the ability to tell a story and get every person who hears it to realize the “so what”– how I apply that in my role no matter who I am.  – Carmen Kane, Performance Improvement Administrator, Mayo Clinic